The Shock of Your First Budget

The first time my wife and I did a budget together we had no clue on where our money was being spent. We had a good idea of what money was coming in, but when we first sat down together we kind of guessed what we were spending. I think our conversation that night went something a little like this: Me: Hey babe, I think we should probably do a budget.

How to Give Yourself a Raise

When you embark on the journey of budgeting you will discover very quickly where all that loose change has been going. But to start, it’s important that you have a bank account set up with a reputable and helpful bank that will provide the means in being able to classify your transactions. One such bank I use to help my wife, and I classify our transactions easily is Macquarie Bank.

Hello Finance World!

Hello! I’m pleased to meet you. It’s not every day you meet someone here, glad to make your acquaintance. Allow me to introduce myself. First, my name is Ryan Sheehy, and this is my blog. I am a husband to one beautiful loving wife and a father to 3 energetic children all squeezed into one little home with a reasonably sized mortgage. Currently, employed full-time as a Business Manager in the Education industry, and you’ll generally find me headlong in budget spreadsheets or writing code to automate transactions in our accounting system.

Why Budgeting Is Important: 7 Superpowers You Can Acquire

Do you budget? No? Is this because you’re afraid of what it might reveal, and are running scared of the changes you might need to make? Budgeting allows you to acquire a superpower, the ability to know what to do in the future and how to control your finances.

Pocketbook Review

Pocketbook has been around a long time offering free categorisation of your transactions through a direct bank feed to your accounts. While the cost is fantastic, it has some limitations.