Personal Finance Cash Flow Budget: Free Spreadsheet Budgets (Excel & Google Sheet)

If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful cash flow forecasting spreadsheet then our free cash flow Google sheet can help you provide a deep adaptive analysis on your cash flow projections over whatever period you desire.

What Can Be Salary Sacrificed? 19 Things You May Not Know

What things can be salary packaged? You might be surprised to know that you can salary package most expenses, but does it mean you should? You may want to check what type of employer you are employed by and what the grossed up limits are otherwise you could be paying more fringe benefits tax than you should!

3 Biggest Traps When Refinancing Your Home Loan

During the Christmas and New Year holiday period I looked around to see how my current mortgage compared with other products around the place. I find I do this necessary chore about every other year. In fact, come to think of it throughout our near 9 years here in our humble home we’ve refinanced 3 times, which includes the recent one we’re in the throes of doing (more on that throughout this article), with our last refinancing happening around April 2018.

Does the 50/30/20 Budget Actually Work?

If you’re new to budgeting and are looking for a quick way to “budget” then the 50/30/20 is the easy way to get started. “What makes it easy?” I hear you ask. Well, all you need is some basic math skills and you’re good to go. Here’s the step by step process of how it works: Work out how much money you receive from your pay (this will be the amount that hits your bank account every pay, otherwise known as your after tax income).

How to Import Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks Online

If you’ve read my recommendation on why you should be using Quickbooks Online to help manage your personal finances then your first objective is to get started with a chart of accounts. Why do I even need to create my own chart of accounts? The reason why you should create your own chart of accounts is that Quickbooks uses common industry accounts depending upon the type of industry you selected when you created your company file.

11 Ways Quickbooks Online Enhances Your Personal Finances

If you are an eager budget beaver like me then you’ll come at a point in your budgeting life where you will soon discover that the free or paid versions of organising your money just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. I have used many free and paid version apps that try to help me keep on top of my money, but there will always be some feature that I need which has been found lacking.

9 Novated Leases Tips You Need To Know Before It's Too Late

When entering into a novated lease arrangement it can be easy to have fireworks going off in your head about getting that new car. However, there are a few cautions to be aware of for both the employee, and the employer. Most people don’t pay attention to tip number 4.

Associate Lease Tax Returns: How To Guide

If you have an associate lease arrangement with your employer, and you are the associate, how do you complete your income tax return? In this article we go step by step through the income and allowable deductions to complete your income tax return.

Associate Leases: Is It The Best Salary Packaging Option?

What is an associate lease? How can it provide additional benefits? Why do some state it’s the best form of salary packaging around? Why are the two different types of associate leases, and how one is better than the other?

What is a Reverse Budget?

A reverse budget is the process whereby the budgeter flips how they handle their allocation of money from being expenses first to savings first. It is also commonly known as the pay-yourself-first approach. The Bible states in the book of Ecclesiastes that There is nothing new under the sun, and while this approach may seem appealing it does conjure up some concerns. Firstly, let’s understand the general process of budgeting before we explore the new reverse budget process.